2-wheeled delights - Nippy the e-moped and the Co-op trade bike

Nippy the e-moped
Nippy the electric moped - 30 miles range at 30mph. The wicker basket is non-standard, though. That lunch box doesn't transport itself, you know.
The Ultimate Autocycle
A Co-op trade bike from the 1940's powered by a Honda strimmer engine. No Tax or MoT, and 180 mpg - who could want for more?

3-wheeled Delight - Kiswasti the Steam Car

Kiswasti the steam car
A bit leftfield maybe, but should be a lot of fun

The conversation with my wife on returning home went roughly as follows;

“How did you get on?”
“Oh fine.”
“You look like you’ve bought something…..”
“Er, well yes….a steam car”
long pause
“Have you a picture of it?”
“yes – here it is”
even longer pause
“You know what – Dad would have loved that”


I now know what a dodged bullet sounds like.

4-wheeled Delight (small) - Martin the Austin A30

Bought on a whim – isn’t everything? – and brought back to roadworthy condition over a number of years with the help of my younger daughter.

Some schoolfriends were talking about James Bond’s Aston Martin, and she mentioned that she was helping her Dad restore one, which invoked widespread admiration. Well Austin is a bit like Aston, so Austin Martin it was.

Martin the Austin A30
Two daughters on an adventure.

4-wheeled Delights (large) - Bristol 412 ( being restored) and Jaguar XJ12 (now gone)

Bristol 412
British Chassis, American drivetrain and Italian styling (sort of). A rare beast
Bristol and Jaguar
Bristol 412 and Jaguar XJ12 on prom duty.